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PitchDIA K12 Competition

We believe in the innovation and entrepreneurship that thrive in our students and schools.

Congratulations to our 2019 Winners!

Congratulations to our K12 winner, Boom Balm! With Deanna Mathis as their mentor, these girls brought their flu-fighting lip balm to the top of the competition.

All of Dalton Public School’s teams brought fantastic products and ideas to the pitch. Thank you to the school system for putting programs in place to foster our young entrepreneur’s spirits.

Boom Balm!

About the K12 Competition

PitchDIA K12 is a new division in our annual PitchDIA competition for startup entrepreneurs in the Dalton area. The 2019 competition was held on October 8, 2019 and included entries from local students.

DIA is an association of seasoned entrepreneurs, professionals, and community volunteers, aimed at furthering entrepreneurial growth in the Dalton-Whitfield County area. The Accelerator was formed in 2017 with an initial goal of establishing an annual startup competition called PitchDIA.  Learn more about the Accelerator by clicking here!

More details on participating in the K12 division of the PitchDIA competition will be announced soon!

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